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Sandwich History

Incorporated: 1763
Population: 1,466 (2020 Census)
County Name: Carroll (county map)

Municpal Contact:

Town of Sandwich
8 Maple Street/PO Box 194
Center Sandwich, NH 03227

Phone: (603) 284-7701
Fax: (603) 284-6819



Sandwich was chartered in 1763 in honor of John Montague, the Fourth Earl of Sandwich. Because it was considered so inaccessible, it was enlarged, making Sandwich one of the largest towns in the State of New Hampshire. 

The first settlers arrived in 1767, and records show that by 1790, the population of the town was then 905. By 1830, Sandwich was a thriving community with farms, traders, mills, schools, churches and local artisans with a population reaching almost 2700.

John Montague (1718-1792), the Fourth Earl of Sandwich, became First Lord of the Admiralty and was patron to Capt. James Cook (who explored New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii, and Polynesia). Capt. Cook named the Hawaiian Islands after Montague, calling them the Sandwich Island. Montague was a hardened gambler and usually gambled for hours at a time at this restaurant, sometimes refusing to get up even for meals. It was said that he ordered his valet to bring him meat tucked between two pieces of bread. Because Montague also happened to be the Fourth Earl of Sandwich, others began to order "the same as Sandwich!" The original sandwich was, in fact, a piece of salt beef between two slices of toasted bread.

The Town of Sandwich is in the Sandwich Range with seventeen listed peaks including the famous Sandwich Dome.