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Fund Information

The Trustees of Trust Funds are responsible for the following types of Funds:

  • Trust Funds - Funds given to the Town by private parties, usually through bequest or donation.  Generally only the income is expendable, restricted to purposes defined by the donor. Some trusts are defined to benefit the Town in general, while many others designate more specific uses. For example, there 7 trusts that benefit the Samuel Wentworth Library, and scores of individual trusts for cemetery plot perpetual care.
  • Sandwich Children and Youth Fund - A privately funded fully expendable trust, providing grants of up to $500.00 towards educational and enrichment programs for Sandwich children and youths. Details about eligibility and the application process can be found here.
  • Capital Reserve Funds - Town Funds appropriated by Town Warrant to fund large expenditures, such as capital improvements to Town buildings, roads and infrastructure and equipment.
  • Expendable Trusts - Generally Town Funds used for expenses as needed and approved by the Selectmen.
The Trustees have an Investment Policy for Trust Funds with an asset allocation of up to 70% in equities and a goal to maximize income, and at the same time providing for principal growth. For Town-funded Capital Reserves and Expendable Trusts, which are fully expendable and usually shorter-term, investments are limited to low risk vehicles such as CD’s, with the goal of preserving capital, with modest income and a high degree of liquidity.

The total market value of these funds was $ 4,001,445 as of December 31, 2021.