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Motor Vehicle Registrations

Motor Vehicle transactions can only be processed on Tuesday or Thursday, 8:00am to 5:30pm. 

Renewals can be easily processed in-person, mail, or via our Drop Box [available 24/7 at the back entrance to Town Hall (top of ramp)].   Exceptions include:  Transferring of plates or a
New Vehicle Title/Registration if you purchased via a Private Sale (title signed over to you).   Kindly contact our office to inquire about additional documentation required to process remotely. 

Forms of payment accepted are CASH & CHECKS ONLY.   Kindly include a self-addressed stamped envelope if processing via mail or drop box.

Below are answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Motor Vehicle FAQs

Can another member of my family renew my registration?
Yes.   We ask that they bring the renewal form we mailed to you, in addition to their driver's license or photo identification.

Is there a surcharge for Electric/Plug-in Vehicles?
Yes, effective September 1, 2023, the following Electric Vehicle Surcharge applies:

On June 6, 2023, Governor Sununu signed HB2 into law with an effective date of July 1, 2023. HB2 establishes a surcharge on annual registration for electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles to offset the loss of road toll revenues derived from transportation fuel taxation. The new regulation requires municipal agents to collect fees, as follows:       

          Battery electric vehicles, as defined in RSA 236:132, I, shall be assessed a surcharge of $100 [Fuel Type "E" on registration]

        Plug-in hybrid vehicles, as defined in RSA 236:132, V, shall be assessed a surcharge of $50 [Fuel Type "P" on registration]

Starting September 1, 2023, vehicle types listed above will be assessed the additional charge at time of registration (prorated by number of months):
          New vehicles
          Renewal of vehicles listed above
          Registration transfers

The surcharge is only on fuel types of E (Electric) & P (Hybrid Plug-In).   Standard Hybrids (H) are not impacted.

Are there vehicles exempt from this process?

  • Only Local, County, and State registered vehicles

RSA 261:141-c

I.         Battery electric vehicles, as defined in RSA 236:132,I, shall be assessed a surcharge of $100 on annual registration, and plug-in hybrid defined in RSA 236:132, V shall be assessed a surcharged of $50, to be deposited in the highway  fund. The department of safety, division of motor vehicles shall determine necessary procedures for determining vehicles subject to this surcharge.

II.     The division of motor vehicles and the department of transportation shall report annually on or before January 1of each year to the New Hampshire transportation council, speaker, president, and chairs of house and senate transportation committees on the surcharge revenue.

Can I pay by Credit Card or Debit Card?
No.    Forms of payment include CASH or CHECKS only.    

ALL CHECKS should be made payable to the TOWN OF SANDWICH.   When registering more than one vehicle at a time, you may COMBINE all vehicle fees onto ONE CHECK.

NOTE:   All Clerk transactions can be combined onto ONE CHECK (vehicles, boats, dogs, vital records, etc.)

What portion of my registration is tax deductible?

The Municipal Fees for MOS/MILLS on your vehicle registration are the only portions that are tax deductible on Internal Revenue Service Schedules A and B on Form 1040.  If you itemize, these line items are a deduction for personal property taxes.   The State of NH portion of your registration is not deductible.

Finding the Fees Paid:  Please refer to your registration for the fees paid.  The fees paid appear in the box on the right side of your registration, under the Municipal Fees, MOS/MILLS.

DMV_Vehicle Registration_MosMills_Tax Deduction

I received a renewal notice for a car that I no longer own.   Do I need to notify anyone?
You may disregard our renewal notice if you have sold the vehicle(s) or moved out of Sandwich.    
I have paid-off my car loan and have received the title.  Do I need to get a new title?
No.  Once you have made the final payment on your car loan, most lien holders (banks, credit unions, etc) will send you your NH title with a letter indicating to take it to your Town Clerk / DMV office to obtain a new title.   This not required.  The title in your possession (with the lien holder's release stamp) is a valid title that would allow you to sell it at a future date. 

We have just created a Family Trust, can we re-title our vehicles in the Trust?
Yes.   If you own your vehicle(s) out-right (possess the title), you, as the current owner(s) would sell your vehicle(s) to your Trust.  We recommend you do this during "renewal" time.

You will need to bring the title, the Trust document (title page naming the Trust and the signatory page of the trust), and the current odometer reading of the vehicle.   

You are welcome to call our office, and we will walk you through the process or just bring all the documents with you to our office and we would be happy to assist.

When will my registration expire?
Expiration dates are the last day of the owner’s birth month (unlike one’s license which expires on one’s birthday). A new registration cannot be less than 5 months nor greater than 16 months.  For companies, the registration date is based upon the company name. For example, companies who’s name begins with "A" or "B" expire in the month of January.

Boat FAQs

Is there an additional fee to register my boat at the Town Clerk's Office?
Yes, in accordance with RSA 270-E:5, II (c) an additional $5 fee will be collected for each registration processed as an authorized agent.

A detail of Vessel Registration Fees can be found here: RSA 270-E:5

Checks should be made payable to TOWN OF SANDWICH.

I have new boat, what documents do I need to register it?
New boats will be registered for the current calendar year.   If you purchased a new boat after boating season we will recommend that you wait until after January 1st  to register.

Required Documents:   
    -  Bill of Sale
    -  Copy of prior NH registration or a Boat Registration Application 
    -  Driver's License

Checks should be made payable to TOWN OF SANDWICH, if you will be registering with us.   We will need to  see your paperwork to determine the fees.  Cash is also accepted.

Here is a link to the State of NH’s website which provides further information as to what is required to register your boat.   

Does Sandwich receive a portion of the Municipal fee if I registered my boat with the State?
When you complete your boat registration in Sandwich, the town fees collected STAY IN SANDWICH.  When you mail the renewal forms directly to the State of New Hampshire the state keeps the town portion of your registration, and it is not credited to the Town.

What happens in Sandwich, stays in Sandwich!  Thank You for doing your part!

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