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Dog Licensing

New Hampshire law requires all dogs to be licensed at four months of age, and thereafter, the licenses must be renewed annually by April 30.  The license period is May 1 through April 30.  The Town Clerk must have proof of a valid rabies vaccination before a license may be issued.  Dog licenses are available for purchase at the Town Clerks office beginning in January each year.

When do I license my dog?
Owners of dogs four months and older are required to license their dog by April 30th of each year (RSA 466:1).  A new adult dog should be licensed immediately and a puppy can be licensed as soon as the puppy receives its first rabies shot. Dog licenses must be renewed annually by April 30th.

Do I need to bring my Rabies Certificate?
Local Veterinarians forward rabies certificates to the Town Clerk office (RSA 436:102).  If coming from out-of-town then owners must present a valid rabies certificate.  Certificates can be e-mailed to  

What is the annual fee to license my dog?
Licensing fees are as follows:
      $7.50  - Spayed Female/Neutered Male or Puppy
   $10.00  - Male/Female (Not Spayed or Neutered)
      $3.00  - Senior/Owner over 65 (only 1 license at this price, all additional dogs are regular price)
   $21.00  - Group (5 or more dogs)

You are welcome to pay in-person or leave a S.A.S.E. in our secure Drop Box with a check for your license fee (indicate dog’s name in the memo line of your check).  You may also add your dog fee to other Clerk transactions (vehicle renewals, vital records, etc.)

What if I lost my dog's registration tag?
A replacement tag can be issued for a $1.50 fee at the Town Clerk's Office.

What if I have moved or if I no longer have my dog?
If you have moved or no longer have your dog, please notify the Town Clerk’s Office at 603-284-7113 or by e-mail at, otherwise, you will continue to receive notices about dog licensing.