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Tax Credits, Exemptions & Discretionary Easements

The Town of Sandwich has adopted multiple property tax credits and exemptions in accordance with New Hampshire State law. Note:

  • When determining applicable tax credit or exemptions, pleased be sure to take note of any applicable residency requirements. All related application forms include relevant filing deadlines on the instruction pages.
  • Tax Credit versus Tax Exemption: Tax Credits are deducted directly from your tax bill. Tax Exemptions are deducted from your total assessed valuation.
  • For Veteran’s Credits, make sure you’re applying for the applicable credit and be sure to include discharge paperwork. All discharge paperwork is considered strictly confidential and will be treated as such. 
  • If the deadline for filing a report or documentation falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, the next business day is the applicable deadline.
  • Note: credit and exemption amounts listed are subject to change in the future based upon relevant state statutes and municipal adoption.
  • If a qualified applicant owns a fractional interest in a property, the amount of the credit/exemption is prorated in the same proportion as the applicant’s fractional interest.
  • Please note that New Hampshire state law governing tax credits and exemptions are subject to change. References to applicable state statutes for particular credits and exemptions have been included within descriptions for this reason.