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Mission Statement


To provide the highest degree of law enforcement service to the members and visitors of our community, in a manner consistent with the rights and dignity provided for by law under the Constitution of the United States and the State of New Hampshire. 


To provide 21st century law enforcement service, while maintaining a small town approach that is reasonable and open-minded to all. 


To be able to provide the highest degree of law enforcement service the residents and visitors of Sandwich, our officers must be like minded in our department’s mission of protecting the rights, serving the needs, maintaining order, and earning the trust of the population we serve. To that end we the officers of the Sandwich Police Department adopt the following principles as our core values: 

  1. That we are Professional
  2. That we are civic minded and care about our community.
  3. That we are fair and that we treat people with respect.
  4. That we are inclusive in our problem solving, initiatives and programs.
  5. That we are responsible, ethical, honest and trustworthy.