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About Us

The Samuel H. Wentworth Library is a public library that serves all of Sandwich. There is no fee to obtain a card.

The mission of the Samuel H. Wentworth Library is to promote life-long learning, enlightenment, and the enrichment of personal lives by providing open and timely access to materials, programs, and services in a welcoming and responsive environment.

Per Chapter 202-A of the Revised Statutes Annotated (RSA) of NH, the library is governed by an elected Board of Trustees that is separate from the town's Board of Selectmen.  The library's trustees are responsible for developing and managing a budget for the Library (separate from the Town budget); managing the operation and upkeep of the building, land, and other property of the Library; hiring library employees and determining their compensation and accepting and expending donations. 

Current 2024Trustees:

Chair: Emma Dassori
Vice Chair: Cyd Clark
Secretary: Eve Porter-Zuckerman
Treasurer: Griff O'Brien
Member: Gregg Rogers
Alternates: Katy Holmes, Christina LaRue

Current 2024 Library Staff:
Director: Nancy Fredrickson
Youth Programming Librarian : Kourtney LaFavre
Summer Reading Program Coordinator:
Hannah Coleman,
Assistant Librarians: Barbara Ulm, Kaitlyn Hill, Cathy Hargreaves
Inter-Library Loan Librarian: Rose Demars
Substitute Assistants:  Laura Mudgett,
Circulation Clerk: Frederick Bickford
Building Staff:  Dee Hutchins