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Town Staff Directory

Department First Name Last Name Position Email Phone
Parks and Recreation Ole Anderson Director (603) 387-2180
Highway Department Brandon Bourne Road Crew
Highway Department Bob Bryant Road Crew
Highway Department Ty Bryant Road Agent (603) 284-6950
Cemetery Trustees Geoff Burrows Cemetery Trustee
Selectmen's Office Bob Butcher Treasurer
Fire Department Ted Call Fire Chief (603) 387-0666
Selectmen's Office Kelly Cox Administrative Assistant (603) 284-7701
Selectmen's Office Courtney Delaney Town Administrator (603) 284-7701
Police Department Roberta French Administrative Assistant (603) 284-7139
Cemetery Trustees Benjamin Fullerton Cemetery Trustee
Town Clerk/Tax Collector Alison Gage Town Clerk/Tax Collector; Cemetery Trustee (603) 284-7113
Highway Department Todd Greymont Road Crew
Sewer Commission Jim Hambrook Sewer Commissioner
Selectmen's Office Joanne Haight Selectman, Chair (603) 505-2937
Selectmen's Office Adam Heard Selectman (603) 568-5390
Selectmen's Office Russ Johnson Compliance Officer (603) 707-7032
Police Department Karl Koch Sergeant (603) 284-7139
Planning and Zoning Boards Susan MacLeod Land Use Secretary
Selectmen's Office Caroline Nesbitt Selectman (603) 677-2739
Transfer Station John Noble Transfer Station Attendant (603) 284-7732
Selectmen's Office Jennifer Rowan Current Use Coordinator; Archivist
Sewer Commission David Patridge Sewer Commissioner
Transfer Station Kevin Smith Foreman (603) 284-7732
Town Clerk/Tax Collector Steve Twaddle Deputy Town Clerk/Tax Collector (603) 284-7113
Police Department Shawn Varney Police Chief (603) 284-7139
Sewer Commision Mike Yeager Sewer Commissioner
Selectmen's Office Christine Woodman Health Officer (603) 284-7701
Welfare Catherine Graham Welfare Administrator (603) 284-7701