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Cemetery Trustees

The Sandwich Cemetery Trustees manage an important Town Department purely as volunteers. Much time is invested in maintaining records, field-work, understanding RSA 289 and attending the State's seminar.  Knowledge of this position is gained by experience.  The job entails learning State law, working with funeral directors and families, managing a budget, scheduling maintenance, maintaining records and answers questions.  If you are interested in becoming a trustee, please contact Geoff Burrows ( or (603) 284-6402) or Ben Fullerton.

State of New Hampshire Law requires that all towns must provide burial spaces for its citizens. The Sandwich Cemetery Trustees manage the Town's cemeteries:  Grove, Elm Hill, and North Sandwich.  Elm Hill and North Sandwich have full-sized lots for sale.  Grove has cremains lots only. Rules for the Town Cemeteries are available at Town Hall.  It is noted that Little Pond Cemetery, Vittum Hill Cemetery and the Rural Cemetery (behind the Baptist Church) are private burial grounds with their own rules and Board of Trustees.  The trustees also manage Mason Cemetery (Mt. Israel Road) and Whiteface and Thompson cemeteries in West Sandwich; however, there are no lots for sale in these cemeteries.

Persons can be buried on private property.  There can be "green" burials on private land.  A family burial ground can be established.  Guidance is found with the Cemetery Trustees and RSA Chapter 289.  All burials in Town must be recorded with the Town Clerk.