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Housing Efforts

The Sandwich Planning Board embarked on an effort in 2023 to update all regulations relating to land use to reasonably meet the current and future housing demands and to comply with State directives to provide opportunities for a more diverse population while staying true to the community’s vision.

Consistent with this goal, the Planning Board is exploring its role in fostering opportunities for more diverse housing. Planning Board discussions have included invitation of experts in the field to join in on Planning Board conversations about how other communities have been successful. Participants engaged include the Lakes Region Community Developers, Lakes Region Planning Commission, and a former housing development coordinator from Delaware. Additional community members with relevant knowledge were also engaged. These conversations are ongoing. At the same time, the Town successfully applied for a Housing Opportunity Planning grant via InvestNH to support the Board's efforts. Funds enabled the Town to contract with Barrett Planning Group for review of the Town's existing regulations to identify potential regulatory barriers to housing. Barrett also provided recommendations to plan for the Board's consideration of future regulatory amendments.

While the Planning Board reviewed Barrett's audit and recommendations, a community survey was created and distributed to solicit public input regarding housing challenges and community priorities. The results of this survey combined with Barrett's review informed the Planning Board as it identified priorities for the 2024 Zoning Ordinance amendments. In addition, the Planning Board hosted two public forums to broaden community input and awareness of the Planning Board's housing efforts. Related materials can be found below.

Housing Forum Presentation
Community Survey Results
Regulatory Audit & Recommendations

As mentioned throughout the community forums, the Planning Board intends to approach this effort with action items implemented over the next several years. Interested community members are encouraged to participate in Planning Board meetings. The Planning Board generally meets on the first and third Thursday of the month and agendas are available online.

Check back on this page for updates along the way!