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Historic District Commission

Quimby Barn - Nixon - Copy (2)The Historic District Commission (HDC) reviews proposed changes to structures and landscapes within the Historic Districts, provides the Planning and Zoning Boards with comments on applications and promotes the concept of preserving historic structures and landscapes in the Town. 

The HDC meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 5:30 P.M.

2024 Members:

  • Bonnie Osler, Co-chair
  • Anne Gallivan, Co-chair
  • Mallory Hathaway
  • Patsy Carega
  • Virginia Heard
  • Susan Gutchess
  • Stephanie Traibman
  • Kathy Vittum (alternate)
  • Bart Catalano (alternate)
  • Diana Witt (alternate)
  • Frederick Phillips (alternate)
  • Liz Hausauer (alternate)
  • Sara Shinn (alternate)
  • Adam Heard, Selectman
  • Mary Fleischmann, emeritus
  • Geoffrey Burrows, emeritus
Historic Overlay or (HO) designation is a tool used to encourage retention of notable structures by providing economic incentive through the easing of zoning restrictions in return for permanent deed restrictions including mandatory review of any changes to historic assets in the HO.

In New Hampshire there are grants available for barn restoration projects available through the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance and the New Hampshire Division of Historical Resources with additional tax credits available from the National Park Service.

The 2008 Plymouth State University report on the Historic District Commission has been made available online for download.