2011 Annual Report

2011 Annual Report of the Sandwich Police Department


The year 2011 began with your department being short handed to say the least, as the department was engaged in some very lengthy investigations and we had an officer out hurt. Sgt. Shawn Varney was out for the first month and a half months of the year with a fractured wrist. In the meantime the department continued its investigation into several burglaries that had plagued the town at the end of 2010. Sandwich PD working in cooperation with the Plymouth, Campton and Ashland Police Departments were able to apprehend the individuals responsible, and they are now serving lengthy sentences in the NH State Prison for these crimes. During the same time frame the department was also working with the NH State Police on two sexual assault investigations, the individuals responsible in these cases have also been apprehended.


Spring brought with it another rash of burglaries to town and town’s people once again being fearful and being reminded to lock their doors. However, it was through the vigilance and attentiveness of our citizenry that the police department was able to develop and pursue viable leads that led your department tobecome part of a two state task force and working with area departments, theYork County, ME Sheriff’s Office and the Maine State Police were able to apprehend the individuals responsible and they are now awaiting trial. For your vigilance and willingness to become involved with the safety of your community we thank you!


A very hot summer kept your police department busy. The department began the summer conducting an investigation into illegal dumping in several locations in town. The persons responsible were dumping construction debris, appliances, trash and other items around town. We were able to identify two persons from Maine as those responsible. They were arrested, convicted and ordered to clean up their dumping sites. Overall the police department responded to 904 calls for service, 10 motor vehicle accidents and made 15 arrests during the time period of July 1 through September 5. This represents a sharp contrast to the same time period in 2010, in which the department responded to 628 calls for service, 3 motor vehicle accidents and made 8 arrests. The town was also visited by the Adjutant General for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Major General Joseph Carter, who arrived via Black hawk helicopter with Brigadier General Gary A. Pappas to spend a morning with the campers at Camp Hale. Once again we received a Traffic Enforcement grant from the NH Highway Safety Agency,which allowed us to dedicate extra time to motor vehicle enforcement and speeding complaints. Also, the US Forest Service provided us with a grant for patrolling the Sandwich Notch. We also received an extension for our Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws Grant from the NH Department of Justice, and we were able to provide extra patrol time to areas in town known for underage drinking.


This year the police department has seen in reported crime a75% increase in crimes against persons, an 8% increase in burglary, a 35% decrease in overall theft offenses, but a 100% increase in thefts from motor vehicles. Due to increased directed patrols we have observed a 35% decrease in vandalism. The department experienced a significant increase in drug and alcohol offenses from 2010, and a 6% increase in unclassified offenses and non-criminal offenses. There was a 7.5% increase in overall requests for service.Additionally, the department saw a 60% increase in motor vehicle accidents, a14% increase in arrests, and an 11.5% increase in motor vehicle enforcement. All this being said, rest assured that your police department is working very diligently to keep you safe.


The fall brought with it some very good news. The Sandwich Police Department received notification that it had been selected to receive a Finalist Award for Community Policing from the International Association of Chiefs of Police for departments representing a population under 20,000. The other finalist was the Lincoln, NH Police Department. The winner was Purcellville, VA. This is truly an honor for the town to receive one of the most prestigious awards this International body has to offer, and to be recognized world wide as exhibiting the best practices in community policing. Some of the things that Sandwich impressed the IACP Community Policing Committee with was: Project Good Morning,run in cooperation with the Selectmen’s Office; The Ice Cream Ticket Program, run in cooperation with the North Sandwich Store and the NH Highway Safety Agency; and the Winter Coat program, run in cooperation with the Red Mountain Lodge, #68 F & A.M. The winner of this category in2009 was the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Nova Scotia. In October I traveled to the International Chiefs Conference in Chicago, IL to accept our award. While in Chicago I took time to visit our sister city, Sandwich, IL, while there met with the Police Chief Robert King and the Mayor Tom Thomas and before departing was presented with the “key to the city” by the mayor.


In closing I would like to thank the Board of Selectmen,Cathy Graham and Jennifer Wright, Sharon Teel and Jennifer Martel, the Sandwich Fire, Highway and Recreation Departments for their support. The successful operation of this town is truly a team effort. I would also like to thank the NH State Police, the Moultonborough Police Department and the other local, county,state and federal law enforcement agencies that assisted throughout the year.Finally I would like to thank the citizens of the Town of Sandwich for your support of your police department. We really appreciate it and working together we have one of the safest communities in the State of NH. Here’s looking forward to serving all of you 2012!


Respectfully submitted,


Douglas F. Wyman, Jr.

Chief of Police