2012 Annual Report




2012 began very much the same way we began 2011 immersed in another string of burglaries that began in November of 2011 and continued into May of 2012. In all 23burglaries were committed in this time frame. All of the residences that were burgled were seasonal residences. The weather and the delay in reporting these crimes hampered us greatly in evidence collection and investigation. Working with our law enforcement partners, not only in our county and State but also New England wide paid off in early May when we received a tip from a Massachusetts department about items being pawned in their area from a subject in Sandwich. A search warrant was applied for and granted. When the warrant was executed property was recovered and identified that was linked to 6 Sandwich burglaries, not including the property recovered in Massachusetts, which brings the total to 7. As of this writing the subject is in custody and awaiting trial.


In the wake of this string of burglaries, as well as the others the town had experienced in recent years our House Watch List grew exponentially and became unmanageable. To this end I instituted a Volunteer Program that consisted of 4of our trusted citizenry to assist us in conducting house checks on a regular basis. This program has assisted us immensely and has been well received among the property owners. I want to thank them for the good job they are doing with us. Our volunteers are: Chuck Carroll, Rick Kelley, Jim Schipmann and John Noble, our hats off to them for wanting and continuing to be involved in our community.


We had some personnel changes within the department in 2012. I July the department hired a fourth part-time officer this year. Officer Christopher Keaton of Wolfeboro joined the department in July. Officer Keaton is a 24 year NH Law Enforcement veteran. Officer Keaton currently serves full-time as a Sergeant at the Wolfeboro Police Department and was a part-time officer in neighboring Tamworth. Officer Keaton is a graduate of96th Session of the NH Police Academy. 


At the end of 2012 the department received the resignation of Part-time Officer Thomas Riley. Officer Riley had worked for the department since 2006. Tom did a great job for us and we will miss him. You will still see Tom around town from time to time as he is the State Fire Marshal assigned to our town, so when you see him say hi and wish him well. The Police Department wishes him and his family well.


Also, at the end of 2012 Prosecutor Dennis Davey announced his retirement. Prosecutor Davey has served as the Prosecutor since November of 2001, thus serving three police chiefs. During his tenure the Sandwich Police Department has maintained a near perfect conviction rate at our District Court. We want to thank Dennis for his service not only to the Town of Sandwich, but to the County of Carroll and State of New Hampshire as whole, as Dennis’s law enforcement career spans four decades, when he began as a Trooper with the NH State Police, retiring as a Sergeant and Assistant Troop Commander of Troop E, and then becoming the Prosecutor for the Town of Moultonborough and ending as the Prosecutor for the Town of Sandwich. We will miss him greatly, but wish him and his family well.


The department also saw a change and not for the better in the drugs we are seeing on the street. The department saw cases involving both methamphetamine and ecstacy during 2012. These two cases alone show that Sandwich is not immune to what is plaguing other communities not far from our door step. Meth Labs have popping up in towns surrounding us, and law enforcement around the State is working very hard to combat this problem.  We as a State were once again reminded of the dangers involved with the drug trafficking trade when Chief Michael Maloney was killed in the line of duty and four other officers wounded while attempting to serve a drug related search warrant in Greenland, NH.


In 2012our community experienced a 14% decrease in Crimes Against Persons, a 67%increase in property crimes, which includes a: 109% increase in burglary, a109% increase in Vandalism and a 43% increase in all categories of Theft there was a 25% increase in crimes against society and a 3% increase in all Group B crimes to include a 33% increase in Bad Checks and a 100% increase in DWI. Motor Vehicle accidents remain at about the same level as they were last year.However, the Town did experience a fatal accident on Route 25 this summer. The last Fatal crashes in Sandwich were in 2009 and 2006 respectively.


The department in 2012 did not receive an enforcement grant from the NH Highway Safety Agency due to block grant cutbacks. We will re-apply for this grant in2013 and hopefully be able to receive it. The department did once again receivea patrol grant from the US Forest Service for the patrolling of Sandwich Notch.


The department did receive two portable radios from the NH Department of Safety as part of a federal block grant that was for emergency communications. The two portable radios – Motorola APX 7000 replace two of the 3 Motorola XTS 3000radios that department received as part of similar grant in 2000. These radios represent over 7,000 dollars in equipment that the department received at $0cost to you.  


In addition to our law enforcement duties in town we continue to serve the needs of our citizenry by still maintaining our community programs such as Project Good Morning, Driver Education, DARE, The Toy Drive, The Coat Drive and the bicycle safety and ice cream ticket programs.


In closing I would like to thank all of our other town departments: Selectmen’s Office Town Clerk’s Office, Fire Dept, Highway Dept. Parks and Recreation, Library and Transfer Station that work with and assist us during the year. I would also like to thank the NH State Police, Moultonborough Police for their continued assistance throughout the year. Additionally, I would like to thank the US Marshal Service, The NH Information and Analysis Center and New England State Police Information Network  for their assistance in some our investigations over the past year. Finally I would like to say that your police department while striving for success works very diligently in keeping our town and you safe and protected. The Police Department would like to thank all of the citizens of Sandwich for their continued support. We look forward to serving you in 2013!



Respectfully submitted,


Douglas F. Wyman, Jr.

Chief of Police.