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TOWN HALL is NOW OPEN TO THE PUBLIC as of 6/1/2021 - please enter via front door
Office Hours:
   Tues & Thurs 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Town Clerk/Tax Collector: 
Alison Gage
Deputy Town Clerk/Tax Collector:  Steve Twaddle
Phone:  603.284.7113; Fax:  603.284.6819
Email:  Alison Gage -

Updated 6/1/2021:  The Town Hall building is now OPEN TO THE PUBLIC - please enter via front door.   A secure Drop Box is also available 24/7 at the back entrance to Town Hall (top of ramp).   Kindly include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your payment if you would like a return receipt.             

SPECIAL HOURS during Tax Season:    The Tax Collector's Office will be open to the public on Monday and Wednesday during Tax season to process tax payments only.  (Exact dates and times for 2021 to be determined).

The office is closed Holidays and Election Tuesdays. Call to verify hours.

For those that are unable to come to the office, most transactions can be completed through the mail.    We now have an after hours secure DROP BOX located at the back entrance to Town Hall.

Please call the office during regular office hours for specific details.  Forms of payment accepted at the Tax Collectors office are CASH and CHECKS only (no credit or debit cards).

Services Provided by the Tax Collector

The New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration has set the town's 2020 Tax Rate at $14.47 per Thousand.  This is a $ .24 increase from last years tax rate and the breakdown is as follows: Town~ $4.84, County~ $1.16, Local School~ $6.60 and State Education~ $1.87.  As noted the Local School Rate had the highest increase at $0.47 over last years rate.

Tax bills are issued annually in the fall (early November, due early December).  Property Tax Bills for 2020 were mailed November 9, 2020 and were due December 10, 2020.  Once the due date has past and a payment is received the postmark date is used to determine interest charges due.   The NH Tax year runs from April 1 of the current year to March 31 of the following year

May, June & July are the LIENING & DEEDING Months! 

Liens were be placed on properties with unpaid 2019 taxes on July 20, 2020.  The town did not issue any deeds for unpaid 2017 taxes.

Once a due date has past, interest accrues daily. Please contact the Tax Collector's Office for proper payment amounts or view your taxes online via the Tax Kiosk link below. 

Pre-payments or partial payments may be made at any time during the year. 

This office also collects taxes for timber cuts, gravel excavation and changes in land use from current use.

Properties in the Historic District receive an annual sewer bill some time during the summer. Inquiries regarding meter readings and billed amounts should be made to the Sewer Commissioners.

Courtesy reminder notices of unpaid taxes are mailed several times throughout the year, as well as notices mandated by NH Statute for delinquent taxes, impending liens and impending deeds.

The Tax Collector’s office cannot answer questions regarding the assessment of your property.  Please direct assessment questions to the Selectman’s Office. 

We offer the convenience of viewing your Tax Bills on line 24/7 by clicking on the link below.  Simply enter the last name of the property owner or property address if owner is not known.  This link will allow you to print the current information.  If there is a balance due, interest will be shown.  If you have an anticipated date of payment CLICK on CHANGE DATE at the top of the screen and interest will be re-calculated.  Please keep in mind once due dates have passed, the postal stamp on your envelope (if mailing your taxes) is considered the payment date.



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