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February 26, 2024:
Sandwich Town Road Weight Limit Posting - Please note, Sandwich Town Roads will be posted February 26, 2024 subject to weather and road conditions, with a 6-ton weight limit.  Permits are required if weight limits are expected to exceed the 6-ton limit.  Contractors, parcel services, fuel services, solid waste haulers, loggers, and other heavy haulers are required to observe the posting. Special permission may be given by the Road Agent depending upon weather conditions and time of day. Please call the Highway Department at 284-6950 or 520-1538.

August 9, 2023:
Bearcamp Pond Road is closed to through traffic due to flooding over the road on the 113 side. Please seek alternate routes. An update will be provided when the road is reopened. Thank you, Ty Bryant - Road Agent.

July 12, 2023:
Town paving will take place July 13th! . Impacted roads include Quimby Field Road, Grove Street, Church Street, and Heard Road (beginning section to the Benz Center). The Quimby Field parking lot and Town Hall parking lot will be closed to parking until Friday, July 14. Access to roads/lots will not be impacted with the exception of Church Street. We do however encourage limiting traffic if possible and planning for minor delays.  For questions, please call Ty Bryant, Road Agent: 603-520-1538 (on-call phone) or 603-284-6950 (highway garage).

May 1, 2023:
Our highway crew has been busy this morning working to address washouts on a handful of town roads. With rain expected to continue through much of this week, it's likely several roads will be added to this list. As we work to keep up with the conditions, we are asking for limited traffic on Bearcamp Pond Road (from the intersection with Middle Road to Rt. 25), Taterboro Road and Currier Lane. While we are continuously monitoring the roads, if you have specific concerns please reach out to our highway on-call number at 603-520-1538; if you reach the voicemail, please note it is monitored frequently and we will get your message!

April 20, 2023:
After some equipment failures and a slow warm up for the spring season, the Highway crew has been out and about on town roads grading and addressing what has fortunately been a mild mud season! Please be mindful and yield to traffic if you meet our equipment on the road.

April 12, 2023:
The Sandwich Notch Road will be closed to vehicular traffic (foot travel allowed) as of tomorrow, April 13th at 7:30 AM due to road conditions. A notice will be posted when it is reopened. In addition, the road weight restrictions for town roads will be lifted Friday, April 14th. Happy mud season!
March 7, 2023:  Town roads will be posted with weight limit restrictions as of March 7, 2023. The less travel on our roads during this time the better while the frost is letting go. A permit to truck/haul on posted roads application is available here. If you are seeking permission to haul on posted roads, please be sure to communicate in advance! For questions or requests, please call the Highway Department on-call number at 520-1538, or the Highway Shed at 284-6950.

February 23, 2023:
Roads have been plowed but due to ongoing snowfall and length of time since they were first plowed expect snowy roads when driving early this morning. Some spots may be slick so slow down and use caution!

January 26, 2023:
We’ve got a messy morning on our hands with about 2-2.5” of mixed snow/sleet/freezing rain on the roads. Our crew has been out overnight doing what they can to keep the conditions as ideal as possible given what we are working with. This means remaining snow/sleet cover for some areas to provide better traction than bare ice. State roads have not been touched since last night leaving most roads pretty slick. Precipitation is anticipated through early/mid-morning. Use caution and slow down if you’re on the road. Give yourself plenty of travel time if possible!

January 23, 2023:
The Town crew
has been out plowing since early this morning. Because of ongoing snow accumulation, expect some spots to be slick. Slow down and plan accordingly!

January 13, 2023:
Our highway crew has treated and sanded town roads. Overall, they're in decent shape but slushy in many areas and wet. Slow down and have a great Friday!

January 6, 2023:
Paved roads are in great shape, however our dirt/gravel roads are too soft to plow and have some snow cover. There is little accumulation, but enough to make some spots a bit greasy. Use caution! 
December 5, 2022: The end of Middle Road that intersects with Top of the World Rd/North Sandwich Rd will be temporarily closed tomorrow morning for a culvert repair. Apologies for the inconvenience!

November 15, 2022: Minimal plowing anticipated tomorrow -
With tomorrow's forecast looking snowy (and slippery), please take note that the Highway crew will likely not be plowing our dirt roads as they are too soft currently. Please plan accordingly and take caution. Thank you!

August 23, 2022: Transfer Station Now Accepting Appliances with Freon!

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