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I would like to thank everyone in the community for your support as I adjust to my new position as your Road Agent.  I am enjoying the new experiences and challenges of the position.  The highway crew has been very busy with maintenance work on a number of roads; we have been ditching and grading after multiple washouts from the heavy rain we received over Labor Day.  The Mountain Road has been topcoated, Tea Cup Lake dry hydrant and box culvert project has been completed.  Also working on Mt. Israel Road improvement plan.  We appreciate your patience with any delays in traveling throughout the town while the crew is working on the roads.  Training is one of my priorities with this department; thus far the crew has participated in chainsaw, backhoe and grader training.  Staff at the Transfer Station has been working on clean up and reorganizing. 

The crew is preparing equipment as we approach the winter months.  I would encourage you to do the same:  check your battery, windshield wipers, and tire treads.  You may want to consider purchasing snow tires. 


Driveway culverts should be inspected at least once a year.  Maintenance work should be scheduled throughout the spring, summer and fall.  Poorly working culverts can cause flooding during heavy rains and significant damage to roads.  Even during normal wet weather, a crushed or plugged culvert that allows water to back up in the roadside ditches will contribute to the deterioration of the road as the standing water prevents further drainage from the road base. 



  • Inspect the inside as well as both ends of the pipe
  • Remove obvious blockage (trash, brush, etc.) 


  • Remove blockages
  • Clean and flush the length of the pipe.  Remove inlet & outlet
  • Repair, improve or install headwalls, pipe ends
  • Trim and remove brush at pipe ends and mow grass and weeds
  • Cut and remove trees and limbs that threaten to fall and block upstream ditches
  • Establish vegetation on bare slopes at ends to prevent erosion 


  • Remove blockages (leaf, sticks, etc.)
  • Mark headwalls or pipe ends for snowplow operators
  • Don’t blow leaves from yard into ditches 

Remember!!  Inspecting and maintaining driveway culverts is the homeowner’s responsibility 

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call me:

Jon Peaslee:  
Shed:  284-6950
Cell:    344-6243

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