Historic District Procedures



Historic District Procedures

The Commission is composed of seven (7) members appointed by the Board of Selectmen for staggered three year terms. One member shall be a member of the Board of Selectmen and not less than four (4) members shall be residents of the Historic District. A quorum shall consist of four (4) members, except that a lesser number may adjourn any legally called meeting to a later date, giving public notice of the adjournment.  

1.  Meetings: The Commission shall meet on the third Tuesday of each month in the Town Hall at 5:30 p.m. Three consecutive or six total unexcused absences is cause for removal from the Commission. Emergency meetings may be convened on request of the Chairman or three members of the Commission. All meetings are to be conducted with the reference of the Right to Know Law RSA 91-A.  

2. Applications and Fees: Applications for Certificates of Appropriateness shall be made on application forms available from the Selectmen's Office and here. For consideration at a scheduled meeting of the Board, the application must be filed with the secretary or designated agent of the Board at least fifteen (15) days before the date of that meeting. Copies of plans or sketches or drawings shall accompany applications. Fees in the amount of $3.00 per abutter may be required for any major reconstruction, new construction, or exterior construction at the discretion of the Historic District Commission.  

3. Commission Findings: The Commission shall notify the applicant (and the building inspector/selectmen) of its decision within a reasonable period of time, not to exceed 45 days and, in the event of a negative decision, shall furnish the applicant with a copy of its decision with reasons. If the applicant brings in professional consultants, the cost for such consultants shall be borne by the applicant. Further, if the Commission has to retain professional consultants, the cost for such consultants shall be borne by the applicant.  

4. Appeals: Appeals may be made to the Sandwich Board of Adjustment and must be filed within 30 days of a decision by the Commission.  

5. Enforcement: Enforcement shall be through the provisions of the Zoning Ordinance of the Town of Sandwich and shall be enforced by the Selectmen, in case of a conflict with the Zoning Ordinance, the more stringent ordinance applies.  

6. When Application Required: Application for Certificate of Appropriateness must be secured for change of land use and for all alterations, restoration, moving, demolition or construction involving change of exterior appearance, including, but not limited to, change of roof materials, siding, chimneys, porches, fences, signs, windows, doors, outdoor lighting, garages, outbuildings, barns, and landscaping, even though a building permit is not required. Routine repairs and painting that do not alter the present design or materials do not require a certificate.

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