GMO Primer



GMO Primer

Special Note (10/27/2015 mcl):  Several news media have reported the first confirmed death of a man eating a GMO tomato containing fish allergens.  According to Snopes, this claim is FALSE and is being spread by an organization that repeatedly spreads similar fictions. 

Introduction to GMO Controversy:
         * Union of Concerned Scientists overview of key issues:  
         * NY Times article
         *  NHPR 'The Exchange'

Balanced Discussions on GMO Food Labeling:

*  Nice summary of the labeling issue:
*  Good debate on CA's Labeling Bill (09/27/2012)
*  Short article on biotechnology by Lorraine Merrill, NH Agriculture Commissioner, in NH Weekly Market Bulletin   (10/02/2013):
*  'All Things Considered' NPR segment and article in Salt Magazine:  'So What Happens if the Movement to Label GMO's Succeeds':

Anti-GMO Arguments:

*  'Seeds of Deception'  An eighty four minute film by Jeffery Smith.  Click on.......
*  'Genetic Roulette'  Another documentary by Jeffery Smith
*  'How to Make Smarter Choices About GMO's'
*  Article on Monsanto:

Pro-GMO Arguments:

*  Presentation by former anti-GMO movement founder, Mark Lynas, to Oxford Farming Conference (01/03/13)
*  Scientific American article 'Labels for GMO Foods are a Bad Idea'
*  GMO Questions and answers supplied by the Council for Biotechnology:
*  Newsweek Article:

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